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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hong Kong Ending

Hong Kong was a perfect way to re-enter the modern world. A city of over 9 million people crammed into an area smaller than Toronto. From hill to hill there are only tall skyscrapers that fill the view. Hong Kong receives over 42 million tourists a year, mostly from mainland China. These tourists seek out "Brand Bling" so every neighborhood has giant Gucci, Rolex and Prada like stores. Not our style.

We stayed at the Icon hotel and it was wonderful. It's service rivaled the Mandarin Oriental and we loved our room and the afternoon teas and nightly cocktails included with our club room.

Best of all was the view from our room which allowed us to watch the nightly light show in the harbour. And the food at the Icon was world class. Best chinese food ever.

And then...we flew off ... and home.

Next...our hotel, meals and guide summary reviews.

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