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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Quinta das Lagrimas - Poolside, Spa, Dinner, Friends

Our task master agreed to a day of rest today. The Quinta is situated on 50 acres and the actual building has long hallways and much walking. Breakfast is served near the pool and consisted of the usual fare. We have learned that fresh expressos are available on request and much better than the usual coffee. After breakfast we sent our laundry to the front desk. In by 11, back by 6 - well not quite. Late, damp, better to get this down elsewhere.

The pool is large and clean and today there were no other guests around it other than the two of us. We read, swam, sunned and relaxed. Around 5pm we both went for massages to rid us of aches and pains. We recommend the Spa and its staff. Very competent.

Tonight was to be our on-site dinner in the ambitious restaurant. We started with the "welcome wine" in the lounge which tonight was a TInto - pleasant, but unremarkable. We then started talking to a wonderful couple, David and Charlotte, from Ohio, Idaho, Georgia and Maine. They are retired and seem to move around a lot. We found common cause in Public Health and travel and had a great conversation.

Then it was time for dinner. The Sommelier was wonderful. A sparkling personality, quite pregnant (with her first baby - a boy) and an extensive knowledge of wine. She steered us through great wine choices and kept checking in with us. She was the highlight of this meal and the next. Unfortunately all of the rest of the staff were formal, stand offish and after taking our order and explaining our dishes never checked in to see if we were happy, and had to be chased for follow up and eventually the bill. Monica had veal with a foi gras sauce (which was undetectable) and I had duck which was tough and overdone. Its too bad for this hotel that their restaurant can't get it close to right. It is unlikely that they will regain their Michelin Star anytime soon.

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  1. Why do we see medium or close ups of Joe but only long shots of Monica? This happened in Vietnam too...