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Sunday, 25 September 2016


We successfully and uneventfully arrived in Barcelona Thursday morning at 7:10 AM.  Our driver picked  us up as planned and drove us first to the management office, then to our apartment. The apartment is on the corner of the second floor with windows facing two different streets. It is well appointed with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Unfortunately it is very noisy inside and out. Inside the refrigerator rumbles and moans, especially at night. Outside the roads are busy and the people are rowdy. 

But overall we are pleased. The neighbourhood has great bakeries, markets etc. Our larder was easily filled. And most important, wine is easily acquired!

Coffee is also plentiful. Look at this huge Capaccino displayed in a local window. 

So getting used to eating in Barcelona (for Canadians) is like getting over Jet Lag. Lunch is usually eaten around 2 or 3 and dinner usually after 9. Somehow (and proudly) we managed this on our first day. Our first lunch was perfect. We ate at the L'Eggs Restaurant ( which is owned by a Chef who has had several Michelin starred restaurants. As it's name suggests many of the menu items have eggs as an ingredient. We shared a creamy egg dish that was more like a pudding and contained artichokes and Iberian ham. Also some great wine. If times allows we would certainly return. 

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