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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Where are we?

Woke up this morning and at first thought Barcelona felt just like home. Then I opened my eyes and saw I was at home. After a coffee, with milk generously supplied by our neighbour Eddie I I was able to sort things out. Monica, always up earlier than me had discovered that we can now "Check-In" again for the new flight leaving tonight at 5:30. So that is done and same starts and plane configuration.

Also woke up to newspapers that were not suppose to be there. So Toronto Star and Globe and Mail had to be called. Arrangements for our Barcelona taxi and apartments have been modified. So we are all ready to restart this adventure. Hopefully this time we will get at least as far as Newfoundland.

Oh there is still the issue of appropriate compensation. Air Canada is only offering 30% off of a future flight. Given they held us hostage for 7 hours I think they should give us the 30% off the current flight and also pay for our missed first night of accommodation in Barcelona that we are being charged. Now will I have the stamina to wait 65 minutes for Air Canada to amasser their phones????

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  1. so sorry -- how did you get home? cab? limo? the dreaded TTC? walk? Or is it still a dream and you are actually on a vinyl chair at Pearson...