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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

On Board

We have settled into our Air Canada Rouge Premium seats. Not too bad. We have two seats together and each have an aisle.  Plane has some problem so we are now moving back to gate. Hoping this won't be long delay. 

We each have complimentary iPads so we can watch movies enroute. I'm hoping for early sleep since our arrival is around 3AM Toronto time.  Dinner will be served at take off. Sadly the choices are exactly what we were offered in the Maple Leaf Lounge. 

Tomorrow Barcelona 

Well maybe tomorrow. We were just deplaned in Toronto and are waiting for repairs. Likely will leave Toronto 3 hours late. 

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  1. May you enjoy your flight and Barcelona. I just had access to 280 Spanish wines yesterday -- I just don't want to think about any kind of wines for awhile. May you enjoy Palacios -- all of them.