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Monday, 10 October 2016

Day 11 - Hello Dubai

Our wonderful Emirates flight touched down in Dubai at 12:20am Sunday morning. The Dubai airport was enormous, but thanks to reasonably good signage we found our way first to an internal train and then to immigration. The coupon given to us by our friendly flight attendant let us enter through an expeditiated immigration line. A few photos for the records and we were soon in possession of our luggage and off to look for a taxi.

The taxi lineup was long, but the wait was short. They took about 20 people at a time and told us to meander down a long line of waiting cabs until we found an empty one. Soon we were driving thru the highways of Dubai. Even though it was still nighttime the city was illuminated by all the lights from the roadway and the high towers. Just like the pictures the city showed off amazing architecture. And when we had decided this dense group of buildings must have been the downtown we were presented with another equally dense group. We spent 40 mesmerizing minutes absorbing Dubai until we eventually pulled up to our son David's apartment building. When we left the air conditioned car we were struck by how hot it was, even so early in the morning.

The concerige escorted us to the elevators and we wisked up to the 53 floor. We knocked on the apartment door and pajama clad David and Anuzya greeted us warmly. They have a lovely apartment and were kind enough to let us take over their bedroom for our stay. We chatted for about 45 minutes before by consensus we decided it was time for bed - at 2:45 am.

Sunday - Part 2
We woke up at a very civilized 10am and we were greet by a smiling Anuzya who had prepared a luscious and earthy breakfast for us which included yougurt, fruit and an amazing Russian cheese pancake. After breakfast we headed out (now after noon) to a nearby beach club. Once again we were struck by the heat and humidity when we left the building. By the end of our 10 minute walk we Canadians were certainly feeling the heat.

The Beach Club was well designed with a huge meandering pool and a short walk to the actual beach. From the moment we arrived we experienced luxury service which included offers to wash our glasses. The afternoon was spent reading, swimming in the pool, enjoying ice tea, dipping in the warm ocean water and great Salad Nicoise. David had been worried that Monica and Joe would not enjoy the day since it was the New Year and one of just a few days when alcohol is not permitted. Thankfully we survived.

Around 6pm we left the Beach Club and walked back to the apartment. By this time it was almost chilly out, probably no more than 33 C.

After showering and settling in we enjoyed a gourmet Russian dinner prepared again by Anuzya. She is an amazing chef. After showering and settling in we enjoyed a gourmet Russian dinner prepared again by Anuzya. She is an amazing chef. We started with little pancakes with real caviar, a hot borscht and wonderful pirogies. And of course we had do sip some real Russian vodka before we were allowed wine.

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