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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Day 8 - Exploring Sitges

The breakfast at Can Bonastre is served from 9-11AM in the first floor area adjacent to the deck. It is a fulsome affair with fruit, yougurt, assorted meats, croissants and other baked goods. They also offer to make eggs, bacon etc.  In addition to juices, water and coffee there are Cava and wine on offer - for breakfast!

After breakfast we headed out to Sitges, a beachfront town about an hour away. Our problems with Map Apps and GPS continue. We had the Apple Map App, the Google Map App and the Tom Tom GPS all telling us conflicting advice. But we managed to arrive and after driving thru the town found parking. Despite the heavy focus on tourists the town remains somewhat quaint with nice architecture and of course a wonderful setting right on the Mediterranean. After coffee we wandered through the streets and strolled the ocean promenade. We set a target time for lunch but couldn't make up our mind so we walked and walked. FInally we found a delightful cafe. We started with Mussels and Mediterranean salad, followed by Sardines and amazing Sea Bass with fried garlic. 

When we attempted to return to our hotel all of our navigation devices kept telling us to go round literally in circles. We abandoned our technology and successfully found our way home. 

From 5-7 the Can Bonastre provided wine, cava and munchies. Then at 9pm we had dinner. This time we decided to order one of their local Paellas to be shared. Instead of rice the local version is made with small pasta. We ordered the combination of chicken and prawns but instead we were served an all seafood plate. It was pretty, but  was heavy on the pasta and had very little seafood. Better than the night before, but again not close to a food experience. 

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