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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Day 10 - Good Bye Spain

This morning we packed up and headed back to the Barcelona airport. We arrived 3 hours before our flight. After returning our car we checked in to Emirates for our flight to Dubai. Our early check in rewarded us with Emergency Aisle seats. This was a wonderful gift. We had just out 2 seats and amazing leg room.

We spent some time exploring the Barcelona shopping. Expensive and nothing we needed to have. The duty free wine was hugely overpriced. The same wines in Barcelona and in Ontario are cheaper than in this duty free.

We walked quite a bit to choose a restaurant for lunch. Finally we chose an Italan spot for our last meal in Spain. Food was good and easy.

The flight experience on Emirates matched and exceeded the many great reviews our son had reported. Most special was our Canadian flight attendant who we first chatted with while he sat opposite us at take-off. He was charming, warm and generous. He took it upon himself to ensure that our first Emirates flight was special. He made sure we got wine (Madfish SB and G. Bertrand Cote de Rhone and special water before other passengers in our area, as well as our meals, which we far better than Air Canada.

He also gave us a pass to allow us to access a quicker immigration line at the airport. We are very grateful and appreciative of his service and warm connection.

Our seven hour flight passed quickly. There was a great selection of music and movies and comfortable seats. Thank you Emirates and our new special friend.


  1. "ensure that our first emigrates flight"

    What, you leaving Canada????

  2. ...and the wines on the EMIRATES was what? tasted what? would you have it again? how you fly back to Canada? Details please...