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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Croatia Day 2 - The Bornstein Vinotek

We started our morning with the hotel breakfast, which was included with our accommodation. It was a healthy spread with yogurts, fruits, veggies, cured meat, eggs, sausage and fresh made coffees. Nice atmosphere and we felt satiated, ready for our day.

We set out to see the Old Town and farmer's market. It was pouring rain and only 11c so we first popped in and purchased a 2nd umbrella. The market was large, but not very interesting. Just many flat tables with only a small variety of veggies. Perhaps it is better earlier in the season or when it's not raining.

We wandered thru the Old Town enjoying the architecture and some of the murals on the sides of buildings. We then came upon the Museum of Niave Art. It was a wonderful find. The Niave School of Art represents folk art depicting both sardonic and satirical perceptives on rural life. Many of the pieces were oil painted on glass which was then reversed, painted side in. The pieces were interesting, some stunning and at times, magical. The staff at the museum were very helpful. This was an unexpected gem of a gallery.

After the museum we asked our phone to find the BornsteinVinotek. After a short ten minute walk winding thru narrow streets in the driving rain, we arrived. There was the Bornstein name proudly welcoming us to a world of wine - Just like our home in Toronto 😄.    We were soon engaged in conversation with Ivan, the Croatian Aussie who purchased the Vinotek about 4 years ago.  He told us his interesting life story and we soon purchased the 6 glass wine tasting which was accompanied by cheese.

The Vinotek was first opened around 1989 by Mr. Bornstein (now known by the surname Borosic).  They built a thriving business that includes wholesale, retail and holiday packages. There wine knowledge and inventory is quite impressive. Our 1.45 hour tasting extended to about 3 hours with Ivan telling us multiple stories and most importantly instructing us in the various types of wines an regions in Croatia. Sadly most of these impressive wines are not made in sufficient volumes to enable exporting. After our tasting we looked around and bought an Apron with the Bornstein name on it along with a bunch of paper wine bags, also with our name printed on it. Maybe we should open a Bornstein Vinotek in Toronto !

After  our tasting and a nap at our hotel we ventured out for dinner at Carpaccio. Yes only our second night and we were eating Italian. But this restaurant was recommended by our new cousin Dina Bornstein (Borosic). Dina and Joe have been in communication, attempting to establish our family genealogy. We hope to meet some day. Her restaurant recommendation was superb. Amazing service and food. Our local wine selection (Plavac Mali)  matched well with the Porcini Rissota and Porcini Veal. The Plavac Mali is made with the same grapes as Zinfandel.

We slept well that night.

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