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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Day 5. Sebnick

After breakfast we left the wine hotel and headed toward the town of Šibenik.  It was only a few hour drive and half of it was on the same windy roads we had taken to reach Pag.  We were heading there because we had read that Šibenik has the "best restaurant in Croatia". We had successfully made a reservation and we were looking forward to our dinner that night.

When we arrived in Šibenik we easily found the parking lot that our hotel had told us to go to. The Heritage Hotel Life Palace is in the centre of an old walled town and not accessible by car. A young bell boy cheerfully carried our luggage up many windy stairs up to the hotel. Fortunately inside the hotel there is an elevator.  Our room was comfortable and nicely decorated. And the front desk associate was very helpful.

We spent the afternoon exploring the old town and popping into various stores.  As the afternoon progressed we found a cocktail lounge named after Botanist Gin. That seemed encouraging and we ventured in for a pre-dinner drink. We then had a bizarre, but fun experience teaching the bartender how to make the simplest of basic drinks -- like a martini!   And there was no risk of drinking too much, since the usual measure in Croatia is just .3 cl. We ended up actually making our own drinks.

Then it was time for dinner. When we arrived at the Pelegrini  ( they had a nice table ready for us somewhat elevated above the main floor. They offer a tasting menu - but one where you can choose the actual courses you want. The waiter was fabulous. When he heard we love wine he took the time to learn about our tastes and tell us about our choices. When we were uncertain about the first wine we tried he quickly appeared with two others for us to taste - even though we had not requested more choices.  We ended up selecting a local wine which was quite enjoyable.

The Pelegrini was a wonderful experience and certainly ranks as one of the top two food experiences we had on this trip (see Lenno and our cooking class for the other 2).  Here is our tasting menu:

Marinated mussels
Veal roll
Lardo and fish
Tongue cubes
Hake, Jerusalem artichoke, prosciutto
Veal under the bell
Pear and gorgonzola

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