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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Day 4 - Winery and walk

On our second day at the winery we decided to explore our surroundings. We started with coffee and breakfast - which was served nicely and well prepared. We then went out to the garden area where we  caught up on some reading. The hotel has a nice pool and many areas to sit and meditate.

We then went on a short hike, following the windy road that we had taken to get to the hotel, but this time going further into the woods - away from the main road. This was quite enchanting with lots of greenery, some vineyards and even a chicken coop and horse barn. As the end of the road was an impressive house - but nobody was home.

When we returned to the hotel it had been taken over by a group of sales people from Porche. They were preparing for an event that they were hosting at the hotel the next day. There were some nice cars in the parking lot!

That night we had dinner again at the winery. This evening the food was not as enjoyable. Overall we have decided that wineries are not a good choice as a place to stay - although Planeta in Sicily was quite fun.

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