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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Planeta Wine Tasting - WOW

Before we left Canada, Brian Perry, from the National Club graciously arranged for us to have a private wine tasting while we were at Planeta. Knowing we were going to be tasting and maybe swallowing, we decided to hire a car for the 30 minute trip from the resort to the Vineyard. Our driver was a pleasant man. Unfortunately he started the trip talking on his cell phone while driving. After a polite request he turned off the phone. However before he got rid of the phone it was interesting, albeit a bit frighting to watch him drive. He held the phone in his right hand and when requred to shift gears took his left hand ff the wheel and reached across to change gears. Very talented, but dangerous. 

The Vineyard was a combination of old and new world. The buildings have a sicilian patina and character. But inside they also have gleaming modern steel tanks for the wine. We were greeted by Chiara, one of the daughters of the companies founders. She was warm and knowledgeable. We began the tasting with a tour of the winery. Planeta has vineyards in at least five terrroirs across Sicily. At this location we saw all aspects of the wine making process, from vineyard to steel and oak. We also learned about the history of the family and the decade long investment they made before realizing the impeccable wines they now produce. 

After the tour we settled down for some serious tasting. Normally they only taste 4 wines, but ur host sensed our enthsusiam and we were fortunate to taste 8 wines from various terroirs and vintages. Many interesting and satisfying wines!   We hope to see more of them in Ontario soon!

The tasting was followed by an outdoor lunch along with 6 Americans who had their own tasting. 


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