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Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Adventure Begins

We left Toronto on Sunday night - Lufthansa Business Class! The service was efficient and polite. Surprisingly there was little german cuisine offered. We began our in flight meal with a shrimp appetizer followed by unremarkable pasta. We both wanted the steak, but they were all out by the time they came to our seat. The attendant took note and courteously made sure we were first in line for the dessert. While the food was not of the same quality that even AIr Canada can muster, the wine selection was decent.

Most important the seats were comfortable with adjustable "tension" and the short sleep was calm. We arrived in Munich on time and discovered our next "gate" was about a 30 minute walk and then a long liine to go through security again.  Good thing we didn't buy any duty free liquids in Toronto. Our flight to Catania was on a small airplane operated by a partner airline. Business class in this plane meant we had four normal seats. Our flight attendant was charming. The skies were clear and the view of the alps, then the Mediterranean and finally, Mount Etna, was spectacular.  

When we arrived in Catania we waited for our luggage alongside a group of Americans on a Smithsonian group tour. Luckily after about 45 minutes of waiting, one of them decided to explore the airport and dscovered that non-European lugguge was held at a different location. Good to know for next time. 

In the terminal it was easy and cheap to buy a local "Sim" card for my unlocked iPhone with 500 minutes of calling back to Canada and 400 local minutes along with 3G of data - all for only 20 euros. BUT you get what you pay for - - - most of the trip the internet didn't work and cell coverage was unreliable. 

Luggage and phone in hand it was easy to find a taxi and head off to our hotel. 

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