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Sunday, 1 January 2012

And Finally. After checking in to our wonderful 5 star hotel we HAD to have a drink on the rooftop patio where all the "journalists" used to hang out. It was fun and now ater 24 hours of travel. Zzzzz

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  1. From an Australian wine blog:

    "Another point to note is that there seem to be several Great Wall wines with the same name (maybe copies in the country of copiers?) and one could never be really sure what one was drinking.

    However, back to my first taste of a Chinese wine the 2009 Great Wall Sun God Chateau Reserve Riesling Dry White … it was bad. I mean really bad. (Not as bad as a red wine I had a few nights later, but more on that in a few more posts). This was super dry and astringent, it lacked fruit and any body what so ever. It was served cold (which I think in hindsight I should be thankful for) and when it warmed up it did improve a touch. I was left with the summary of dry and austere.

    I’ve noticed a few other reviewers using much more kind phrases such as “Seems gentle and lithe”, “light honey, plus light hay”."