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Saturday, 7 January 2012

This is NOT the IGA

Shifting back in time for a moment back to Vietnam. We had a full day visiting the floating market. We negotiated a start time of 7am with our guide who sincerely wanted us to depart at 5 am! We boarded a private boat and headed upriver. It was like rush hour on the 401. All manner of small and large boats, some rowed, most powered. A few were large ore and building material barges that our driver deftly dodged.

THe floating markets were developed before highways and trucks were available to carry goods. Now they are beginning to die out, but as the pictures show there is still vibrant commerce with boats exchanging all kinds of fruits, vegetables and animals. We learned that many of these would end up in other land based markets later the same day. We noticed one boat with 2 dogs and a chicken and our guide commented that was enough protein to feed a family for a week. He then laughed.

We also observed that people seemed to be having lots of fun. This market was clearly a social occasion with people from various parts of the river convening with their friends and family.

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  1. I'd never heard of the Floating Market before. Love this. Thank you!