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Monday, 30 January 2012

Hoi An During Tet

We drove from Hue to Hoi An through the mountains and passed though Da Nang on the way. Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage town located 4k from the ocean on a windy river. The buildings reflect several different architectural influences with notable french designs. This feels like an old European city with small roads lined with shops.

In the middle of the old quarter there is an island accessible from several short bridges. Some people live on the island, but during Tet all we could see were many restaurants, an amusement park and elbow to elbow people as far as we could see. All the streets were decorated with hanging lanterns of many colours. At night the town was dazzling and quaint.

Hoi An floods almost every year up to the bottom of the second story windows so families and merchants have to move their goods and possessions to higher floors during the rainy season. It is know for its food, especially two types of "fat noodles" made form special well water. They did not disappoint and most of our meals here were delicious. We particularly enjoyed our $7.50 lunch for 2 that included beer, noodles and pork and spring rolls eaten on plastic chairs just inside out of the sun. It was crowded with tourists and locals and was scrumptious and fun. The Life Heritage Resort where we stayed also had a great restaurant. Our second night we had their seafood platter for 2 ($40) which could have fed 8 people. Fish, crab, clams, scallops, shrimp and squid grilled and steamed. Washed down with a good sauvignon blanc

The resort was small with well designed and luxurious spacious rooms. The pool was shallow but refreshing with comfy chairs. Too bad we shivered a bit given the rainy weather. We met a fun Australian family here.

In our next posting we will tell you about our cooking course at the Secret Garden Restaurant.

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