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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Floating Down the Mekong in Laos to see Pac Ou Caves

After the morning market we headed a few kilometers to Whisky Village. They had a market with lots of silk and of course Monica had to add to her collection. I bought an elephant - to put in the centre of rooms. The village also produces Laos Whisky in many varieties; all certain to hurt the liver. We saw one of the stills and sampled little bits of 3 batches, but resisted the temptation to purchase.

We then boarded a boat and headed up river toward China for 3 kilometers to see some caves that have been used to worship Buddha. Our boatman was skilled at maneuvering between other boats to get us ashore, using his legs and arms to push through to the dock.

The Cave had thousands of buddhas and alters. It was also used during the Vientam war to shelter local villagers.

We then crossed the river for lunch on the water with water buffalo sausage, chicken stir fry, veggies and wonderful mushroom soup. Then a relaxing 1 hour boat ride back to our hotel.

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