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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Mekong Delta January 3-4

On Tuesday we woke early for our trip to the Mekong Delta. Picked up at 8am we drove for 2.5 hours and arrived at the river for our first boat journey of the trip. The departure area was geared for tourists, but not in the slick way pf many other countries. It was more chaotic and disorganized. Young women tried to sell us hats of many shapes (including the conical ones typical of the region) for only $1 each; as well as sun tan lotions and bottled water. Everything is inexpensive here - at least by Canadian standards.

We were surprised when we were ushered to our own private boat which was large enough for 20 people, but had chairs just for our guide and us. Slowly we began to realize that our trip is going to be very special. It was great not having to line up and jostle with other tourists.

Our guide was Kim, a young man (26) orignally from Hanoi. He had attended tourism college and had perfected his english using the internet. He was full of interesting information about how people live, commerce, plants and it was clear he wanted us to have a good time.

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