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Sunday, 8 January 2012

We arrived today in Luang Prabang, Laos from Cambodia. We have learned that Vietnam Airlines is similar to LIAT; Leave Island Any Time. We actually were only 45 minutes late today. This part of the world has a far more eccletic mix of tourists than our local Caribeen haunts. Our plane had people from South Korea, China, Japan, France, England, USA and Russia. And of course 2 Canadians. When we swooped in for our landing the view included mountains, hills and the Mekonk River as our vista. As we approached the town we were struck by the quality of the architecture. Much nicer homes than Siem Reap. Our new hotel, The Aspara is a quiet oasis right on the river. The staff include Brits and French and they provided quick and friendly service. A short 30n saunter along the main street revealed womdeful restaurants and shops - more to explore tomorrow. We had dinner at the hotel and the springs rolls were some of the best. Our salad of Laos aubergine was fantastic; the aubergines had been smoked over a charcoal fire and were YUM. A good Autralina white wine, local fish steamed in banana leaf and fish cakes made it a great meal. Tomorrow we tour temples and other such sites.


  1. Speaking of LIAT our shadow Porter plane left Billy Bishop on the island airport unannounced..the trip was so smooth that we passed by Vancouver before we even noticed that we had left Toronto!!!

    And thank god for Vietnamese pre-clearance customs at Billy Bishop....Made life a LOT easier when we arrived at HCM.

  2. Dear Dean,

    Perhaps you should head down to UHN to get your meds checked. Did Ann bring one of her famous pies to help you ge entry into Vietnam?

  3. She actually brought several pies, including her CD on pies, to flog at stalls, to help pay for the trip. The new mortgage on the house helps a lot....